Inside Arya Farm Produce Organic Kale, Baby Spinach, Mustard Greens, Spring White Onions, Swiss Chard U-Pick Pomegranates

We strive to provide the local community with fresh produce and local goods every day of the week. Growing organic produce right here on the farm is our passion, and we love to share that passion with our customers.

We're located right off Byron Road between Mountain House and Tracy.

Honey, Harvested and Sold at Arya!

We currently offer honey that was harvested from our very own hives here at Arya!  It doesn’t get any more local than this! In January 2013, Alan of A.W. Hawkins Apiaries right here in Tracy kindly allowed us to take care of some of their bees and hives!  We’re very excited to learn about beekeeping, and even more excited to
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Peach trees are blossoming at Arya Farms

Peach Blossoms

As soon as our peaches are ready to be harvested and made available in the market, we can let you know about it!  Subscribe to our newsletter to hear the latest from Arya Farms.

Fresh local eggs from free range chickens available

Fresh, Free Range, Organic Eggs

We currently have fresh eggs available at our store.  We regularly get these eggs delivered from a farm in Livermore where the chickens are fed only the very best and are free range. Why buy free range, organic eggs?  When chickens have more freedom and consume a better diet, they produce better eggs.  It just makes sense! 1/3 less cholesterol
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Inside Arya Farm Produce

We offer organic and local produce right here on the farm!

Organic Kale, Baby Spinach, Mustard Greens, Spring White Onions, Swiss Chard

Kale, Spinach, Mustard Greens, Onions and Swiss Chard – Organically, Locally Grown!

In February 2013, we had a healthy crop of all kinds of greens. These greens tend to be a winter crop, but we do offer them for sale in our store and varying times of the year. What greens did we grow?  Kale, baby spinach, spring white onions, mustard greens and swiss chard! Eat your greens, kids.  They are seriously
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U-Pick Pomegranates

Come pick your own pomegranates! Available from around late October to January.

In the fall and winter seasons, bright red pomegranates can be seen hanging from the trees all over our farm.  We even offer “You Pick” Pomegranates, meaning that you can come on by and pick pomegranates yourself.  Pomegranates don’t ripen once picked; they only dry out.  Thus the best way to get the freshest pomegranates is to pick them when
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